Riley Resource Group is a collection of related companies who serve the agricultural industry and the communities in which we live and work. The businesses that make up the Riley Resource Group include:


Feed Energy is an agribusiness firm primarily engaged in producing a high-energy, liquid feed ingredient. The company produces and distributes throughout the Midwest scientifically balanced ingredients specific to their customers’ needs.


FEC Solutions is at the forefront of process improvement, technology development, new product development and marketing of material for bioprocessing facilities including ethanol and biodiesel plants.


Decision Innovation Solutions is an economic research and analysis firm. We bridge the decision-making process by adding our economic and agribusiness insight to gather the right information helping clients to ask better questions, receive better answers and make better decisions.



Riverhead Resources provides HR, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Business Improvement Systems, Information Technology and strategy services.



Corn Oil ONE is a start-up company bringing new technologies and products to market to add value to the biofuels, life sciences, oleo-chemicals and feed industries. We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that improve the profitability, efficiency and efficacy of biofuels production to reduce the environmental impact of fuel production.


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